Save the Date! Saturday, April 24, 2021

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****Save the Date****

Saturday, April 24, 2021



The Virginia Branch of the International Dyslexia Association (VBIDA) proudly announces its 2021 Spring Conference, Virtually Unstoppable VBIDA Leading the Way!

In this new world, impacted by Covid-19, our conference will be virtual with an online platform sponsored by Zaner-Bloser.  Sessions will be synchronous and asynchronous.

Nancy Hennessy will deliver the keynote address, Constructing Comprehension:  A Blueprint for Designing and Delivering Informed Instruction.  Nancy will also provide a session discussing her new book, The Reading Comprehension Blueprint: Helping Students Make Meaning from Text.  Nancy’s expertise on reading comprehension will provide valuable information to enhance our teaching practice!

William Van Cleave will deliver a new session on syntax, Reading and Writing at the Sentence Level:  Why It Matters and What to Do About It.  William’s expertise on this topic will drive our writing instruction to new heights!

Six pre-recorded sessions will be made available to all participants to view prior to April 24th.  These sessions will cover dyslexia, advocacy, Dyslexia Friendly Libraries in Virginia and beyond, mindfulness, structured literacy strategies, and High Leverage Practices and specially designed instruction.

Stacy Leitzel, from Zaner-Bloser, will provide a session on the Science of Reading and What It Looks Like in the Classroom.

All presenters will be available at 2:15 on the conference day to respond to questions about their sessions.

Finally, after the conference, a book study on Nancy’s book is included with your conference fee, as well as a time limited availability of the sessions provided by Nancy, William, all six asynchronous presenters, and Stacy.

The live portion of the conference will begin at 9:00am and close at 3:30pm on April 24th.

The fee for the conference will be $50 for IDA members and $60 for non-IDA members.

Look for our open registration announcement soon!!!

We look forward to sharing the day with everyone!!